Veterinary Services

Desexing (Neutering)

All our staff own pets themselves and are as besotted with their furry family member as you are. We understand the anxiety you will experience when your pet is undertaking a general anaesthetic and we try our very best to make sure they recover uneventfully.

All our patients will receive a full clinical examination to make sure they are fit for their anesthesia.γ€€ An intravenous catheter will be placed in their front leg prior to the procedure so we get access to their vein at all times. They also receive the benefit of intravenous fluids during the surgery inclusive in the neutering cost.γ€€ The surgery is carried out in a sterile manner and operative theater.

The neutering price will cover pre-operation health check, general anesthesia (including close monitoring of their vitals), intravenous catheter placement, intravenous fluid administration, surgical time, nursing time, hospital day-stay, medication for pain relief, all materials and post operation check ups.

For a small additional fee, your pet can receive the benefit of a preoperative blood test to check their red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, liver and kidneys etc.