Veterinary Services

Laboratory diagnostics

In-house and external laboratory diagnostics Blood analyses for testing for diabetes, kidney and other diseases Fungal and bacterial infection tests Microscopic examination for various parasites in blood, faeces or on the skin

Tests for feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) and feline AIDS (FIV) Urine status and sediment In-house laboratory testing allows us to quickly provide blood and urine test results for diagnosing most diseases. More specialized tests are sent to outside laboratories either in Hong Kong or overseas (United Kingdom/USA/Germany).

Biopsy samples of lumps or abnormal looking organs are routinely collected and sent to overseas laboratories for examination. (link to lab)

Skin allergies are a big problem for dogs and to a lesser degree cats in Hong Kong. For severe cases or where recurrence is common we can offer allergy testing to develop a specific skin vaccine for your pet.