Nursing Staff


Christine is a committed cat lover and has been working at Phoenix for the past eleven years. She has been a veterinary assistant since 1996, having worked with several different veterinarians before coming to work with us. She has a Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing and is part-way through her Certificate IV.


We are happy to have Joe working with us. Joe has over 10 years experience and has a long term commitment to veterinary nursing.


Emilia has a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Open University) and has been working with us since graduation. She is great to have in the clinic and has a wonderful way with animals.


Christy is our friendly receptionist, she has a strong love and compassion for all animals.


Tommy has more than ten years experience in animal nursing, he has always been a big lover of animals, especially cats.


Gorette is very caring and gentle with animals, she will be joining us in September.